Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prayer Request (September 1, 2011)

Evacuees: Please pray for evacuees who are moving into temporary housing. Please pray for their adjustment to life in their new homes. For some it may be particularly difficult to now live alone. For many evacuees, they are concerned about how they will pay for their living expenses because they have no jobs and no businesses. Please pray for God's provision, for God's creative solutions to be revealed, and for the churches in Japan and around the world to arise and take up the call to help in this time of need.

Demolition work: Please pray for the owners of homes and businesses which must be demolished due to damage from the tsunami and earthquakes. Please pray for the quick recovery of whatever valuables and precious possessions are within these buildings prior to their scheduled demolition.

Fukushima nuclear power plants: Please pray for the ongoing work of restoring safety at the Fukushima nuclear power plants. Please pray for God's guidance in finding ground-breaking solutions to various technical problems. Please pray for God's protection for all of the workers. Please also pray that during this typhoon season, we will be spared further disasters.

Leadership: Please pray for the new Prime Minister of Japan -- for God to lead him in His ways. Please pray that the political parties in Japan will unite to do the work needed to help Japan in this time of recovery and rebuilding. Please pray for all leaders at all levels of government that God's wisdom will be revealed in the counsel of many.