Sunday, May 15, 2011

YWAM Japan National Office Team Outreach to Sendai, April 7-11

We took tools (battery-operated drill set), women's supplies, vegetables and other fresh foods to Sendai. We visited a pastor who decided to offer his church facility as a place for volunteers and outreach teams. On the first night just after we arrived at the church, a strong earthquake hit. There were immediate tsunami warnings -- but, thanks be to God, we were spared that experience. We did, however, lose electricity for a day.

We went to an evacuation shelter and heard first-hand accounts of what happened on March 11th from a junior high school teacher. We saw sights of utter devastation.

It was a blessing to see connections being made so quickly. The Japan Emergency Team enlisted the volunteer help of the grandson of the pastor during our outreach. Since our visit, the JET headquarters have relocated to the church we visited. Volunteers from Kona and other National Office teammates have also gone to Sendai and stayed at the same church. Since then, the church typically hosts 10-15 volunteers.

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