Monday, June 13, 2011

YWAM Tokyo & YWAM Narita Outreach Trip, April 4-8, 2011

We first traveled to Iwate Prefecture, where some of us volunteered to clean up tsunami-damaged houses in Otsuchi, while others of our team took in supplies and built relationship with a small community taking shelter in an old apartment building.
Ready to dig out the mud from a home.

Our second stop was Sendai, where we helped unload supplies at the Samaritan’s Purse--a great place for networking with other Christian groups. At nearby Ishinomaki, we joined in an outreach organized by the Tokyo Baptist Church to distribute household goods and food to people still living at home in the tsunami-devastated area. 
Distributing food.

During our short trip, we had numerous opportunities to interact with people, and many people expressed their appreciation to us. One older man came and shook hands with each one of us, bowing deeply as he did so.  With tears in his eyes, he thanked us over and over for coming to help Japan!  In each of these encounters, we tried to let people know that we are Christians, and the reason we had come is because of God's love for the Japanese people. 

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