Sunday, July 10, 2011

YWAM Nagano Team Outreach Trip to Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, June 28-30, 2011

Two members from the YWAM Azumino Church Planting Team went to Ishinomaki to re-visit an evacuation centre, where the team had stayed on a previous visit, and to take relief supplies.

They visited a lady whom they had met. They offered her and her friends a lift. Because many lost their cars in the disaster, they have been unable to leave the evacuation centre. They took two ladies to a shopping centre away from the devastated area. One lady was able to buy a black top to wear for a funeral ceremony that evening.

At the evacuation centre, they realized that the evacuees desperately needed new slippers. With the help of three ladies living at the evacuation centre, they bought new slippers and treated the ladies to ice cream. There are no shops nearby for people to enjoy the simple luxury of an ice cream.

Now with the summer heat and humidity, the possibility of rapid food spoilage and food poisoning are real concerns. The army recently stopped delivering hot meals, and people rely now on bentos (take-out) and onigiris (riceballs) being delivered. Flies abound and it must be difficult for people to sleep at night.

Although the outreach was only for two days, their efforts were appreciated by the evacuees. There is still much to be done to help the people of Ishinomaki rebuild their lives. Yet, the number of volunteers has decreased and evacuees say they are beginning to feel forgotten. Please remember them in your prayers.

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