Wednesday, July 6, 2011

NorthEast Tokyo Team Outreach to Iwaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, June 2011

This is the fourth trip to Tohoku for the NorthEast Tokyo team. On this trip, five members went up to Iwaki to work again with the Global Mission Church for two days. They worked with a family whose house was damaged. A wall that divided their house from the next house had partially collapsed and needed to be removed. It took seven people six hours to take down four meters of concrete block wall! The family helped and it was a great opportunity to get to know them and show a little bit of God‟s love!
The people of Iwaki are still very concerned about radiation, and fear that the government is not telling the whole truth about the nuclear power plants. People are staying inside more, and are limiting the time kids can play outside.
Families who lived within a 20km radius of the nuclear power plants are allowed day-passes to enter the area to retrieve things from their houses. A lady whose house is in this area says that houses have been broken into and valuables have been stolen.

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