Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Google's New Photos of Disaster-Hit Region

Japan: Before and After the Earthquake and Tsunami
Pre- and post-disaster imagery in Google Street View

A new collection of 360-degree, panoramic street view photos of the disaster-hit region in Japan is now available in both English and Japanese at the following Google site:
Street View

For information on how to use Google Street View, click on the option at the bottom of the screen: About Google Street View. The next screen has menu options along the top banner. When you mouse-over the Learn menu, you will see the option Using Street View. On that page, you can find the how-to-use instructions.

According to The Official Google Blog announcement (12/12/2011), the photographic project was undertaken in July and was accomplished by driving some 44,000 kilometers in the "affected regions."The 360-degree panoramic imagery is available through two Google sites: The Street View feature in Google Maps and the Build the Memory web site. These two sites allow you to toggle between them to compare the before and after images.

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