Monday, December 5, 2011

YWAM Tokyo Team Outreach to Shichigahama & Kesenuma, November 7-13, 2011

In cooperation with Samaritan's Purse, the team worked on getting rid of all dirt and mud from the March 11th tsunami at a family's home. They prayed with the family and enjoyed eating together.

Mucking out the foundation.
The team assisted a church that dedicated itself to building relationship with the residents along the coast. There a full-time volunteer connected the team with families. For one family, the team set up two army-like tents for their fishing business. That family generously blessed the team by welcoming them into their home and serving both lunch and dinner! At another home, the team broke up parts of a concrete foundation with sledgehammers. That family also invited the team into their home to talk and eat together.

Foundation demolition.
At a different location one day, one team member who was born and raised in Japan met and prayed for two older ladies. After prayer, one lady was healed of shoulder pain and another lady was healed of problems in her knee. After prayer, she could kneel! HOORAY God!

The true champions in Tohoku are the local pastors and full-time volunteers who have been faithfully and tirelessly working, helping people to get their lives back in order, and providing ways for outside teams to stay and work alongside them. As the team worked with the local families, they sensed an openness of their hearts. As they prayed with them, it felt easy and seemed that they were very used to praying with Christians.

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